Sunday, October 28, 2012

6.15.12 End of Hiatus (or not?)

Walking around the island recently, I noticed this peculiar sight, an attempt to bring a set of lost keys to the attention of their owner, also succeeding in bringing my attention to the fact that I had not written a blog post for quite some time.

Flash forward:  It is now October 27th and I have returned to my blog to find this entry begun on 6.15.12 which was, alas, never completed or posted as intended.  I am loath to simply trash the entry and accompanying photo, since it represents a moment in time, a snapshot which seems to deserve its place in the blogosphere.  We indeed need to be reminded of things on occasion.  I hope the owner of the keys found his or her way back to the scene of the loss.  And I hope I can do better with today's intention to resume my blog than I had the last time.  If there is a post succeeding this one, you will know I made good.  Let's hope I've found the key back to my digital Isle of Repose ... I've missed it.

Life flows on, in and around us—and sometimes the key to solving all our problems—or at least one of them—is staring us in the face.  All we need do is see it, take it, and use it.


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